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Each rescued Collie has an adoption fee which covers about 40% of the expenses of the dog. Because many of the Collies we rescue require extended veterinary and foster care before they can be offered for adoption, we are unable to recoup all the expenses incurred. Therefore, we rely heavily on the generous donations of our friends and fellow Collie fanciers.

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Fund raising, public relations, grooming, etc. If you are looking to help an established rescue in their mission, please contact us today!
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Are you ready to open your home to a Collie in need? Please complete a Foster Home Application today!
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Monetary donations

Monetary donations are welcome for the extra medical expenses for chiropractor, heartworm treatments, orthopedic surgeries, x-rays, blood tests or any other additional medical expenses that may come up; Pet Supplies plus, Petco or Petsmart Gift cards are also extremely useful for purchase of "special" foods for the more mature or the younger collie, crates, etc. Donations may also be sent directly to our veterinarian, please contact us for information to include with the donation so that it is applied directly to the CRGI account. Donations are also used for purchase of special medications, Interceptor, microchips, collars, tags, office supplies and the Collie Rescue office phone bill.
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