How does the adoption process work?

The first step in the adoption process is to fill out our online application. Once it is received, the search can begin for a collie that matches the adopters desires. Once we have a solid match, our adoption coordinator will contact the applicant to discuss the available Collie. If both parties feel it is a good match we will send the application to our foster home who will contact the applicant and set up the initial meeting with all members of the household and any resident dogs at the foster home. If that meeting goes well and all parties are in agreement, a contract is prepared and a second meeting is scheduled at the potential adopters home. Our foster home will perform a home check and if everything is satisfactory, a contract is then signed.

Do we do out of state adoptions?

Generally no, all out of state adoptions are handled on a case by case basis. Because of our absolute need to perform a home check with all adoptions, and the fact that we have a small staff of unpaid volunteers, we do not have the resources for extensive travel. We do not ship our dogs to adopters or do third party adoptions.

Why do you perform home checks?

Our purpose is to place our rescue dogs in homes that are safe. They deserve to be in the best possible home and in many cases, better than the ones they came from. Our home checks serve two very important purposes 1) to make sure our foster dogs have a safe and loving environment 2) to look for potential problems based on what we know about the dog. An example would be a dog we know picks in the garbage can, we might notice that yours in not covered and suggest you purchase a garbage can with a lid.

Do you require a fenced yard?

No we do not require a fenced yard for all of our available Collies. We will consider the needs of each foster dog. In some cases, a fenced yard will be mandatory. But each case is considered to be dog dependent and will be listed on their profile.

Can I come visit your shelter and meet the available dogs?

No. All of our available Collies are fostered in private homes. All interested parties must fill out an application and follow our adoption protocol.

Where do you get your rescue Collies?

Our available Collies come to us in different ways. Some are owner surrenders and are given up because of changes in family dynamics, owner death, financial reasons and long distance moves. Some come in as strays or surrenders to shelters and are transferred to us.

Is there something wrong with the dogs you have in rescue?

Most rescue Collies end up in rescue by no fault of their own. Owners are not always able to handle basic medical expenses like vaccinations or are not sure how to handle behavior problems that require extra training. At Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois, Inc. we have volunteer trainers that work with our foster homes and the dogs that need a little extra training. We also have seminars for all our foster homes to give them to knowledge and support they need to help their foster dogs find the best home possible.

I sent in an application for "insert dog here" and I have not heard anything?

Please understand we are an all-volunteer organization and have many families waiting to bring a Collie into their homes. Most of our volunteers have full time jobs, children, pets and families of their own. We do not reply to every applicant unless we have an available dog to discuss with them. All applicants are added to our wait list and will be contacted when we have a dog that matches the application.

I want to adopt a Collie and breed it with my dog. Do you have any available?

You are out of luck there! All our rescue dogs are spayed or neutered before they enter their foster homes.

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