4 years

Shilo is a handsome, happy, fun and energetic boy.  Ready to play fetch any time!

Want a dog to train with? Shilo would love that! He can show you just how smart he is! He is very food motivated and eager to please.  He likes to keep his mind and body active. In a short time at his foster home, he’s learned his name and how to “sit” on command and started working on “stay” and “come.” He needed some confidence building and training has helped him feel more comfortable in new situations. 

Shilo is an active boy that loves to run and play with dogs so another energetic canine or two would be just what he needs! 

This boy loves squeaky and fuzzy toys!  He will happily toss them in the air, play tug of war or game of fetch.  He also loves to chew and rip some of his toys apart so supervision is required.

Shilo will stay in his crate while his foster mom is away and is house broken.  He is learning proper leash walking skills. Because he can be nervous about new noises and sounds, a fence is required.

Shilo has learned so much since he has been with us! He is looking for a forever home to help him continue growing his confidence and enjoy his life journey together.  

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