2 years

HI, everyone!  My name is Kono and I am a 2-year-old sable and white male collie.  I've been with CRGI for a little while, and my foster mom says it's time for me to introduce myself and let you know I'm looking for a forever home! 

My first home loved me a whole lot, but I guess I got a little too rowdy when I got big, so here I am - trying to learn manners in my foster home so that I can fit into yours better.  My foster mom says that I have the impulses and exuberance of a six-month-old puppy in an adult-sized body, and that my forever home will need to have patience, love and A LOT of experience with dogs.  She says that I am a 'diamond in the rough', whatever that means, and that I will be a Very Good Boy in time.

I've already learned a bunch of stuff here, and can sit, down, high-five and 'say my prayers'.  I love to take walks and will grab my leash in my mouth and run around with it while you tie your shoes or put on your coat, and I'm learning to walk nicely once we are out - though I do get distracted by all the smells and sounds out in The World and sometimes pull pretty hard to go where I want.  I bark at a lot of things and sometimes use my Deep Voice which can scare people - so it would be a really good thing for me to go to school to learn to deal with stuff like that.  When I play with my toys I get pretty excited, and sometimes can be a little mouthy and try to take it back.  Foster Mom is very stern about that, and I am learning to 'wait' before she will throw the toy again.  I don't like 'wait', but if I don't do it, the game is over and that's no fun.

My Foster mom says a fenced yard is a must for me, and I have to agree! 

My foster home has a bunch of collies, and I get along with them fine, but the older ones don't like to play as much as I do, and I get a little pushy with them.  I guess I need a home where I have a dog friend close to my own age and size so we could run and run and run in the fenced yard.  Little dogs look like squeaky toys to me, and so do cats, so I guess I won't get to live in a home that has either.  I also can't go live in a home that has small children - I'm just not too sure about them and I'm pretty big. 

If you want a collie who will sleep on the couch and lay in the grass nearby while you garden, then I'm NOT the boy for you.  But if you are active and patient and love a challenge, maybe you could fill out an application and see if we are meant to be together.  I sure hope we are...

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