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Blue Merle Smooth Male

2-3 years


Conrad's foster mom sends along the following update:

Since I had him for a month now, he really is a wonderful dog and I got lots of compliments on what a great dog he is. He does need some obedience training on leash and simple commands.

Conrad loves to lie on the floor next to your bed and also likes his crate and will take naps in his crate. He is housebroken and never had any accidents in the house. He loves to play and likes to scatter his toys all over the living room floor. He also likes to carry shoes but does not chew them up. He will get in your recycle bin and chew some things in it if you let him but he is not chew up anything that is valuable or on furniture or woodwork. He has been getting on the furniture when we are not around! He knows he is not supposed to do that.

Conrad is trying to be top dog now in the house since the other dog lets him get away with it! I don't know if it is her age or she senses something. She never has let any other collie be top dog.

Conrad gets along with other dogs and that includes males. He was gentle around my little niece and nephew and their lab puppy. He does not like the water so bath time can be challenging but its managble but you have to use one hand to hold his collar and wash with one hand. Thank goodness he sits still! He did not enjoy the water at the lake! We had him on a raft - he got out and swam to the pier!

He is shy around men and so it will take him a little time so have to be gentle and coax him a little bit. He is not much of a barker except when he's outside only when he sees somebody. He is starting to get his nose up to the table when you are eating so we are working on breaking that.

One of the most wonderful things about the people who read the Collie Rescue website, and who end up fostering or adopting from CRI is their overwhelming sense of compassion, and their heartfelt desire to change the lives of collies who have maybe had a less-than-perfect start to life. That's why, when we look into Conrad's anxious eyes we can absolutely assure him that somewhere out there is a family who will love him, care for him, and give him the confidence he needs to become the happy boy he was born to be.

If looks could inspire confidence in a dog, Conrad would be walking around with head up, chest out and with a Look At Me gleam in his eye. What a gorgeous merle smoothie he is! As all owners of smooth-coated collies know, this type of dog gets a lot of attention from people on the street, and his blue merle coloring will really escalate the WOW factor.

Conrad came to us as a stray from a shelter, and we will never really know how this handsome boy ended up there - but we do know that life has left Conrad a little uncertain about what is to come. He will need a family with lots of love, and the patience to support him as he learns what it means to trust and to believe that the good things are here to stay. You can see the beginnings of hope in his eyes, and he has come a long way already thanks to his wonderful foster family. When 'forever' comes along, he'll be ready to blossom into an amazing companion.

At two years of age, Conrad is young enough to learn and he does need a refresher course in what is OK to chew, and what isn't. He is a little timid on walks, but take a run with him and he turns into a happy, playful collie who jumps like a puppy. Conrad would greatly benefit from a fenced yard - for excercise and for some 'me' time as he learns about his new life. He sleeps in a crate now, but does much better if he can see you than if he is isolated, so if you have a place for him in your bedroom he will be so grateful! Conrad gets along well with the older male collie at his foster home, so should be fine with another low-key adult dog - but he may be a little overwhelmed by someone younger and more rambunctious. Older children who can respect Conrad's learning process could be a part of the 'forever' but younger children might be too much for him right now. We aren't sure about how Conrad feels about cats.

Can you look at Conrad and tell him 'I believe in you'? If so, the journey the two of you will take will be one of the best of your lives...