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Collie Rescue of
Greater Illinois, Inc.
PO Box 4169
Lisle, Illinois 60532
(630) 415-1206

Collies awaiting adoption

Updated 10/21/2014.

Following are the dogs we have up for adoption. A version of the biographies suitable for printing is available here.

We require anyone interested in adopting a collie to fill out an adoption questionnaire. 

You may fill out the application online:

Online Application

Or you can download the application:

Download Application

print it, fill it out, and mail it to us at 

Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois
PO Box 4169
Lisle, Illinois 60532

(The application requires the Acrobat Reader, available from Adobe).

We do home visits with all adoptions. This makes it difficult for us to adopt dogs outside the Illinois area. If you are from far away please visit our links page to find a rescue group nearer you. If you don't see anything, please send us an mail; we may be able to find something for you.

Adoption fees are $275 for adult dogs, $350 for puppies under one year, and $150 for dogs eight years and older.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Available Dogs

Dogs in the list may have one of the following designations:

Available: The dog is available for adoption.
Adoption pending: We have found a solid match for this dog. The adoption is pending the signing of the adoption contract.
Adopted: The adoption contract for this dog has been finalized.
Medical Hold: The dog is in a foster home but is not yet ready for adoption due to ongoing medical treatment.

Please realize that while we attempt to keep the list current, dogs in this list may have pending adoptions or may be already adopted.

Collie Rescue Of Greater Illinois (CRGI) is a local organization that mainly serves the northern portion of Illinois in the rescue and placement of both rough and smooth coated Collies. A small staff of unpaid volunteers supports CRGI in its mission. Because of the absolute need for a home visit for all potential Collie adopters and limited resources to execute this task the placement of Collies outside of our service area is handled on a case by case basis.

Name AgeStatus Description
Dan 3 yearsAvailable Sable and White Rough Male
Reggie 5 yearsAvailable Sable-headed White Rough Male
Sandy 12 yearsAvailable Sable and White Rough Female
Annie 5-7 yearsAdopted! Tricolor Rough Female
Chloe 4 yearsAdoption pending Sable and White Rough Female
Gracie 4 monthsAdopted! Tricolor Rough Female
Hank 7 yearsAdoption pending Sable and White Rough Male
Marley 3 yearsAdoption pending Blue Merle Rough Female
Max 10 yearsAdopted! Blue Merle Rough Male
Miko 12 yearsAdoption pending Sable and White Rough Male
Ranger 1 yearAdoption pending Sable and White Rough Male
Ruby Sue 1 yearAdopted! Sable-headed White Smooth Female
Shasta 6 yearsAdoption pending Tricolor Rough Female
Wheaton 2 yearsAdopted! Sable and White Rough Male