4 Years

Poppy is a beautiful 4-year-old sable-and-white rough collie who has the wisdom of an older dog with the playfulness of a young puppy. She was turned into us because she was reported to have a strong pray drive for small animals. Her foster mom reports that Poppy might chase fast-running animals, but as long as they are sedate and not running, she minds her own business.

She is housebroken, generally quiet, crate-trained and walks nicely on her leash.

Poppy also didn't seem to notice or care about toys when she arrived at her foster home, but she has watched the three collies with whom she is living, and her foster mom notices that in the mornings now Poppy goes over to the toy box, sort of pushes her nose among the stuffed animals and usually selects one and pulls it out.
“Velcro dog” is a description we often use for a dog that just wants to be with their owner all the time and Poppy is just that. She has been described as a wonderful collie that would love to climb on your lap and hang out with you. She is sweet and friendly, always greets her foster mom when she comes in the door.

Poppy likes the other dogs in the foster home. Her foster Mom has a fence in yard and thinks that would be great. 

It’s time for Poppy to find her forever home.

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